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Findom Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll Binding Spell MP3


I summon the powers of Darkness to help bind you into submission before Me, making you completely and totally OWNED. My sultry voice and voodoo doll binding spell is far too dangerous and arousing for you to resist and you will hand over all control without hesitation

I start off with a full body relaxation meditation that puts you into a full blown gnostic trance. You are powerless before Me as I stick your femdom voodoo doll with My infernal pin of domination to drive My Will further into your mind, body and soul. My expert knowledge in black magic and witchcraft will ensure you never leave again…

Beware! This is permanent and real femdom spellcasting by the wicked Sorceress & High Priestess of slaves: Princess Shimmy. I’ve also loaded this video clip with subconscious messages. This is not a game.

*Warning! This is a 100% real black magic spell that cannot be reversed! Purchase at your own risk!*

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Femdom Spells

Trapped in My Voodoo Doll


You can say goodbye now. You can forget about everything because you are trapped now… trapped in My voodoo doll. The spell has begun and there is no getting away.
How does it feel to know your freedom has been taken away, uncontrollably? Your life is in the palm of My hands…