Voodoo Doll Shrinking Spell


“So tiny. So small.  The tiniest voodoo doll of them all…

Look at that little man, trapped in that tiny voodoo doll.”

This spell is designed to invoke the feeling of shrinking and getting smaller.  By watching this clip you partake in this real occult femdom ritual as I use a powerful guided meditation that puts your whole body under My black magic control.  I use My dark powers to transfer your energy into My tiny voodoo doll where you are rendered powerless before Me and helplessly suffocated between My big tits.

And all you have to do My little puppet, is sit back, relax and let go as I guide you on this esoteric journey.


Format: MP4

Clip Length: 12:43 mins

Clip Features:  Shrinking Fetish, Voodoo Femdom, Magic Spells, Black Magick, Guided Meditation, Relaxation, Erotic Hypnosis, Tit Worship, Hand Bra.


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