Findom Witch MagicGreetings bitches, My name is Princess Shimmy and I am a financial dominatrix, chastity keyholder and femdom witch. I’m an online femdom mistress of over 10 years now!  Over the years I have perfected My craft to an expert degree.  Knowing what makes you tick and understanding the psychology of the submissive male makes Me very dangerous to your self control, dignity and wallet.  Once you get trapped in My web, there will be no turning back for you because serving Me is incredibly addicting.  I have a combination of skills & interests that made Me into a true femdom fatale! My fetishes and interests listed below and just a few of many.

Erotic Hypnosis:  I am expert in hypnosis, mind control & nlp. I’m well versed in a multitude of methods of putting you under My hypnotic control.  I have many guided meditations & visualizations that will take you deeper than you’ve ever gone before.

Chastity Keyholding:  I love chastity and am one of the most popular online keyholders on the web! Hundreds of slaves have locked their cocks up in the name of Princess Shimmy.  I have many ways to train you to be better chastity slave.  Chastity challenges, audio mp3s, spells & video clips to name a few.

Femdom Witchcraft:  As a real, practicing occultist, sorceress & witch it was only natural for Me to combine the occult with My love of femdom.  I’ve been using black magick to control, dominate & get what I want from My slaves since the beginning! LOL. I love using candle magick, voodoo dolls, hoodoo and various spells and curses to bind you to My will.  My spells are real and oh so dangerous and certainly not for the faint of heart!

My Fetishes & Interests

Chastity, Findom/Financial Domination, Femdom Witchcraft & Spellcasting, Humiliation, Sissification, Forced-bi, Foot fetish, Pantyhose & High Heels, Ass Worship, Tit Worship, Panty Fetish, Brainwashing, Erotic Hypnosis, Magick Spells, Findom, Voodoo Dolls, Mind Control, Total Power Exchange and Feminization.

Serve Findom Princess Shimmy

I love to use and abuse weak slaves from all over the world.   As My slave, I expect you to perform My humiliating slave assignments and tasks I have laid out for you on this site with complete gratitude!  You will collect ALL My fetish findom video clips and watch them religiously. You will worship and build shrines of Me with My sexy photosets and listen to My hypnotic MP3’s while on repeat.

You will learn to cherish the feeling of losing control.  I want you to surrender everything.