Slave Feedback & Testimonials

I’ve virtually dominated thousands of men worldwide with My humiliating slave assignments, hypnotic audio mp3s, enchanting pictures, fetish video clips and femdom magick spells. My PTVs are totally addicting and will have you on your knees, begging to take you deeper. Here’s some feedback and testimonials from some of My most devoted puppets.

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Recalling how deep into hypnosis I’d fallen, I had to pinch myself to remember that I’ve only been listening to her voice for 2 days! Nothing has ever compared to this. Nothing will ever be the same.


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Nothing has ever compared to this…

Princess Shimmy has introduced me to the occult and femdom spirituality. For that I owe Her my life. She has put spells and enchantment on me, connecting me to the spirit realm.

Her black magic spells have taken control of my mind and sexuality. What I think and feel don’t matter, the Femdom Witch comes first! I had lost all faith in everything and She gave it back to me. I’m so grateful! I wash Her feet with my tears.

– submissiveagain

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She introduced me to the OCCULT

High Priestess Princess Shimmy used Her wicked black magic to enslave me with Her voodoo doll. She’s reprogrammed my thoughts and mind, making me more submissive and completely & utterly hypnotized by Her. I’ve never been more dominated, spellbound or addicted to a Domme before. She is SO powerful.  My addiction and need to serve Her grows deeper and deeper everyday.

-slave ed

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Voodoo Femdom
Just a slave to Her voodoo doll

Goddess has rewritten my memories and given me an addiction that transcends my very being. Her images cause me to drop to my knees and worship Her. I am nothing without my Goddess. I will forever worship Princess Shimmy.

I drop to my knees to worship her

Top notch black magick. Highly effective. She is real. Her power is real. Seriously considering attempting to make Princess Shimmy a state recognized religion.

Top Notch Black Magick

Jaw dropping goodness. Princess Shimmy truly shines and asserts why She is the one true Goddess worthy of praise and worship.