NiteFlirt findom homewrecker Princess Shimmy doesn’t give a FUCK about your wife! Princess comes first, even if it means getting divorced & homewrecked LOL!

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Fuck your Wife Fee


As a strict Femdom authoritarian, I rule My slaves with an iron fist and am very strict about sexual relations and behaviours *especially* if you’re locked in chastity. Slaves of Princess Shimmy must not only ask permission to have sex with their wives but must pay for it too!

*Comes with one worship pic to help you get hard enough to do it. I know some of you might need it! LOL*


Get Your Wife to Cheat


You know you have a garbage dick and your wife deserves so much better. You secretly want to be cuckolded but are too scared to tell her. Lucky for you I’m an expert in human behaviour and psychology and I’ve come up with the perfect plan on how to get your wife to cheat. If you follow these 10 steps your wife will be out fucking other guys behind your back and lying about it to your face in no time! You will be in full blown cuck mode so fast you won’t know what hit you! Infidelity & adultery is guaranteed!

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Slave Quiz

Should you get a Divorce? Quiz


Not sure about your marriage? Are you on the fence about your lackluster relationship and wonder what you should do? These carefully curated relationship questions will probe into your sex life, sexual experiences and other personal issues to uncover stuff about your relationship that you’re probably too embarrassed to ask yourself.
Let Princess Shimmy, the Femdom marriage councilor give you the advice you really need! Should you divorce your wife or possibly be homewrecked by an evil Femdom Princess? Find out now!

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Wife Hatred Mantras


Let Me help you leave that ball and chain behind. Here’s 7 days worth of daily mantras to make you hate your wife!  You’re going to repeat one of the following mantras over and over again every day for a week.  By the end of it all, you will be so ready to leave your wife that you’ll literally be RUNNING to the lawyers office to get rid of the bitch!  I guarantee you’ll be thanking Me once you’re living your life as a single slave!

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Broken Memories Homewrecking


It’s time for you to face the facts and realize that your relationship situation is interfering with you serving Me.  This, My dear little bitch, is totally unacceptable!  Princess needs to come first before everything so we’re going to make sure we put the nail in the coffin with your relationship. Together we are going to take your life and quite literally RIP IT TO SHREDS so that all you’re left with is broken memories and a broken home.

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Homewrecking Fetish

5 Steps to Splitsville


You and I both know that your wife or girlfriend is getting in between your obligations towards serving Me! So I have concocted 5 diabolical steps that you are going to follow to the letter to get rid of the extra baggage! Before you know it, there will be no wife/gf to take up your time so you can begin in your never ending servitude to Me!
Are you ready to ruin your relationship, destroy your sex life and lose everything so you can start your new life as My new bitch?

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