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Extreme Findom

Dangerous Addiction – Extreme Findom


*Warning! Extreme Financial Domination Ahead!*

You know you should stay away but you simply cannot resist. You know you should run but instead you CRAWL on your hands and knees back to your dangerous addiction.
You can’t. Fucking. Stop.
And you’re not allowed to. I’ve made sure of that.
Nothing feels better… nothing can compare to the domination, the submission, the enchanting magick
and hypnotic powers of High Priestess Princess Shimmy.
*This clip is 1 minute long of pure hard hitting, extreme findom and ecstacy*

Busty Findom

Breaking You


Did you seriously think you could run away? Did you seriously think you could deny ME?
Silly boy. Nothing will ever stop Me from BREAKING YOU.

Princess Shimmy always wins in the end…

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Findom Love Addiction

Crawling Back to Princess


You thought you could get away. But you were wrong… you were so very wrong. Did you really think you could forget about Me? Once you’ve tasted the sweet poison of My voice you were addicted. Once you gazed at My amazing, powerful tits you were addicted.
You and I both know it was only a matter of time before you’d come crawling back to Princess.

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