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Chastity Mind Control

Chastity Mind Control MP3


I understand that some of you slaves need that extra push when it comes to chastity slavery.  In this MP3 I use brainwashing techniques to drive you over the edge and make you send Me the keys to your chastity cage, where I will keep you locked indefinitely.  You will be brainwashed into believing you no longer need your cock and that you must surrender all control over to Me.

*Listen to this MP3 with headphones on to experience the mind altering audio effects!*

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Femdom Spells

Permanent Chastity Spell MP3


I am the Femdom Witch and I command the powers of darkness to possess your cock & possess your mind. You can kiss your sex life goodbye because you will never have sex or stroke again. I drain your cock of all of it’s lifeforce energy and put you under My Permanent Chastity Spell. Day by day the spell gets stronger… day by day your cock gets weaker.


*Warning! This MP3 contains a 100% real Black Magick spell that gets stronger and more powerful every time the clip is watched. This can cause permanent effects that CANNOT be reversed!*

*Listen to this with headphones on to experience the Mindfuck effects*

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