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Femdom Magick Spell

Increase Submission Spell


This spell is designed to take your current level of submissiveness and increase it tenfold.

I use My dark powers to create a gateway in your mind so that I can control you in ways you cannot fight back. Using My knowledge and skills in the black arts I transmute the sexual energy from this spell to grow My spiritual power.

I channel My dark feminine energy to wrap itself around your mind, binding you into a vessel of My Will.  As I grow in power, you release your own power. And as My power grows your submission grows.  Thus, an infinite loop of power exchange is created, with Me on top… and you on the bottom.

*Warning! This clip contains a REAL black magick spell which can cause permanent and lasting effects on your personality.*

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You willingly walked into My trap and I have you by the balls with My pretty long fingernails. I know all your secrets. I know all your fetishes. I know what makes you weak, horny and oh so submissive…

I’m ruthlessly using your weaknesses against you to mesmerize you and destroy the male ego.  And I’m replacing it to make you into a better slave to serve ME and MY desires.

Because Princess Shimmy comes first… and everything else is secondary.

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Good Boy for Shimmy

Good Boy for Shimmy Version 2.0


Non stop good boy mantras coupled with exquisite sensual domination and Goddess Worship. You will be seduced into worshiping My amazing ass, tits & panties while being encouraged with good boy mantras. My voice is so alluring, you will love being told over and over what a good boy you are while you stroke, worship & stare at Princess Shimmy.

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Findom Magic Control

Forever Mine


I am the Enchantress, the High Priestess and the Femdom Witch. And you are My spiritual slave.
Gaze into the spiral, relax and focus on My voice. You are enchanted by My mesmerizing cleavage and under My magic control.  There is NO getting away.
Forever owned in Darkness.
Forever MINE.

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So Fucking OWNED

Rated 5.00 out of 5

It’s so amusing to Me that you think you could run… But SURPRISE! I’ve implanted subconscious triggers into your mind that you can never erase.  And you don’t want to… oh no, you don’t want to.

It feels so good just to give in and worship with your wallet.  It feels *so fucking good* to be owned by Princess.

This is about you acknowledging your role in life as a submissive. Your role in life as a slave to Princess Shimmy.

Because you are so. Fucking. OWNED.

*Listen to this with headphones on to experience the Binaural audio effects!*

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Findom Love Addiction

Crawling Back to Princess


You thought you could get away. But you were wrong… you were so very wrong. Did you really think you could forget about Me? Once you’ve tasted the sweet poison of My voice you were addicted. Once you gazed at My amazing, powerful tits you were addicted.
You and I both know it was only a matter of time before you’d come crawling back to Princess.

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Sissy Behavior Modification


*Interactive Sissy Reprogramming*
As Princess Shimmy’s sissy, you are commanded to obey. Commanded to suffer. Commanded to serve.
You are compelled to go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of control. On the count of three, after I snap My fingers you will kneel down before Me completely naked and put on your sissy bra and panties.
One… Two… Three… *SNAP!*
That’s My good little bitch. Now repeat the following worship mantras as you perform My sissification and suffering commands in real time..

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I am the Trigger


I am the trigger. I am the cause. I am the catalyst of your financial submission. When you see Me you are automatically compelled to worship and pay… and pay… and pay some more. There is no escaping Me because I am deep in your mind now and when you see Me your submission is TRIGGERED.

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