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Forced Slavery Spell


I command you to stare deeply into the candle as I cast My wicked spell over you, condemning you to a lifetime of slavery to Me, Demoness Princess Shimmy. You will succumb to My dark desires and give in to Me totally and completely.  I use the powers of the Occult and Demonic underworld to bind you to My will, so that you can never escape.

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Sissy Assignment

Slave for Ass

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Let’s face it bitch boy, you’re hopelessly addicted to My ASS! It’s so shapely and round… you have never seen anything like it! You cannot help but fall even deeper under the seductive control and become My total and complete ass slave.

Sequin Corset Fantasy


A total Princess fantasy in PINK. You will be dizzy and seeing stars once you lay your unworthy eyes on My sequined corset and pink sparkly heels. Become a slave to My perfect cleavage now.

Financial Seduction


Feel the rush of being My financial slave. You are powerless to My beauty and will give yourself to Me completely without a shred of resistance. Once you lay your eyes on Me and experience My brand of financial seduction you will be Mine, always.

School Girl Upskirt Panty Tease


Be prepared for some intense ass worship, boob worship, ass jiggling and shaking as I dance and give you a glimpse of My sexy black thong under My school girl skirt!

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Sissy Bitch Boot Camp

$9.99 $6.99

Princess Shimmy is cracking down on all submissive bitch men! That’s right bitch, I’ve decided I’m sending you all to boot camp… sissy bitch style! In 7 days you will be transformed into a panty wearing, lipstick loving, sissy whore and will thank Me for it! You can also expect to have your ass pounded, leaving you feeling totally used and degraded.

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Ass Worship

Ass Worship Part 1


*This assignment includes three ass worship pics!*

Lets face it, you are totally addicted to My perfect 10 round ass! You need to worship it… you are a slave to My ass. This assignment consists of ass worship & jerk off instructions that will done at home in front of your computer.  You will stroke, edge and worship My shapely Goddess ass exactly how I tell you to!

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Cum Eating Instructions

Loser Lunch

$4.99 $2.99

Guess who’s preparing lunch today? Yup, you are but under My diabolical instructions, of course! This is an ultra degrading, loser humiliation assignment involving food and quite possibly your own bodily secretions. Degrade yourself by showing Me you’re willing to eat anything and everything that Princess tells you to!

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Loser Quiz

Loser Personality Quiz


Have you ever wondered what kind of loser you are? Perhaps you can’t figure out if you’re just a submissive or if you’re truly a sissy faggot, cuckold or butt lover?
Well, it’s your lucky day! Take My 5 question loser multiple choice personality quiz and get your diagnosis, bitch!

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Public Humiliation Tasks


OMG! You are such a bitch and you totally need to humiliate yourself in public so others can see what a loser you are! This contains 3 ultra humiliating tasks which you will complete in public… if you dare!

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Gay Boy Brainwash

$9.99 $2.99

Brainwashing you into becoming a better homo! This assignment includes a picture that you will be changing your desktop background to look at while performing a humiliating daily ritual for Me everyday for a week. Be prepared to have you life changed forever, bitch!

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