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Femdom Magick Spell

Increase Submission Spell


This spell is designed to take your current level of submissiveness and increase it tenfold.

I use My dark powers to create a gateway in your mind so that I can control you in ways you cannot fight back. Using My knowledge and skills in the black arts I transmute the sexual energy from this spell to grow My spiritual power.

I channel My dark feminine energy to wrap itself around your mind, binding you into a vessel of My Will.  As I grow in power, you release your own power. And as My power grows your submission grows.  Thus, an infinite loop of power exchange is created, with Me on top… and you on the bottom.

*Warning! This clip contains a REAL black magick spell which can cause permanent and lasting effects on your personality.*

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Occult Femdom

Black Magick Control MP3


I command you to lay down and close your eyes. I put you under by using a guided meditation that sucks you deep into My Black Magick control. The spell contained within this recording will make you even more addicted to Me and turn you into My bitch, regardless of all costs. Once you are enslaved by Me through Black Magic Witchcraft there will be no turning back for you.

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