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Voodoo Control


I start off with a long, relaxing induction that leaves your body numb, helpless and completely under My voodoo control. I’ve hijacked your mind with the sound of My voice and sight of My perfect Demoness Breasts. You are trapped and controlled in My femdom voodoo doll.  You are left unable to move and unable to think just left to worship and stare… and hand over everything. You will be objectified and trapped by My voodoo control.

Femdom Spells

Trapped in My Voodoo Doll


You can say goodbye now. You can forget about everything because you are trapped now… trapped in My voodoo doll. The spell has begun and there is no getting away.
How does it feel to know your freedom has been taken away, uncontrollably? Your life is in the palm of My hands…