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Blackmailed & Pimped OUT MP3


Now that I have all your info I’ve decided I’m going to put your mouth and ass to use in order to make Me more money! That’s right bitch, I’m going to pimp you out and there is nothing you can do about it. I describe in graphic detail how you will be expected to sexually please the gay strangers, how I plan to pimp you out and what will happen if you don’t meet My demands.

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Self Hating Cock


I command you to look in the mirror as I humiliate you about your disgusting “cock.”  You are given jerk off instructions while being reminded about what an inferior, sub human, piece of trash you are! But oh no… it doesn’t end there! You are made to show your hatred towards your cock and prove to Me that you hate it even more than I do!

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Loser Abuse

Pillow Humper

$10.99 $7.99

Haha LOSER! You and I both know you couldn’t get laid even if you tried. But don’t worry, I have a solution for this little problem of yours.  Today we are going to turn that pillow of yours into your new girlfriend!
You’re going to follow My humiliating pillow humping instructions while staring at 3 of the worship pics I have included in this.
Ready… Set… Hump your pillow!

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Loser Quiz

Loser Personality Quiz


Have you ever wondered what kind of loser you are? Perhaps you can’t figure out if you’re just a submissive or if you’re truly a sissy faggot, cuckold or butt lover?
Well, it’s your lucky day! Take My 5 question loser multiple choice personality quiz and get your diagnosis, bitch!

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