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Estrogen Spell

Increase Estrogen Spell MP3


“Softer Lips
Bigger Tits
Curvy Hips
I bestow this upon you and more.
More softer. More feminine.
I increase your estrogen with this spell.”

This spell is designed to increase the amount of estrogen your body produces to make you softer and more feminine. In this guided occult femdom ritual I combine black magick with the laws of attraction to create a potent and highly effective visualization technique to bring your manifestation into reality.

Real latin chants and incantations are used to command your body to produce more estrogen. An unstoppable alchemical change is triggered in your body as your Higher Self is summoned kneeling before Me.

You will be transformed and feminized from the inside out with this powerful occult femdom ritual.  High Priestess Princess Shimmy is here to guide you on your new journey of hormonal feminization… and all you have to do My little puppet, is sit back, close your eyes and listen.

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Cock Destruction Spell MP3


Listen to the sound of My voice as I guide you through My cock destruction spell. All you have to do is sit back and listen closely as you absorb My powerful words. Slowly but surely your cock will shrink, day by day, week by week, until it is rendered totally useless. There is little to no sensation in it anymore and your cock remains lifeless and limp. There is no getting away from it because each and every time you listen to this MP3, the spell is strengthened.

*Warning! This MP3 contains a 100% REAL Black Magick Spell that cannot be reversed!*

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Femdom Spells

Trapped in My Voodoo Doll


You can say goodbye now. You can forget about everything because you are trapped now… trapped in My voodoo doll. The spell has begun and there is no getting away.
How does it feel to know your freedom has been taken away, uncontrollably? Your life is in the palm of My hands…


Mesmerizing Slave Spell


Gaze deeply at My mesmerizing cleavage as I cast My powerful Black Magick Spell over you. I hereby condemn you to a life of financial slavery to the all powerful Sorceress and Witch, Princess Shimmy. There will be no looking back as you walk down the dark, one way path to being My financial puppet. I’m not only taking over your life… I am taking your soul with Me too.

Forced Slavery Spell


I command you to stare deeply into the candle as I cast My wicked spell over you, condemning you to a lifetime of slavery to Me, Demoness Princess Shimmy. You will succumb to My dark desires and give in to Me totally and completely.  I use the powers of the Occult and Demonic underworld to bind you to My will, so that you can never escape.

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