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Blackmail Slave Begs


Emails straight from my inbox from My blackmail slave, bitch boy john. Read about what it’s like to be blackmailed by Me, Princess Shimmy and how I do it! In the end, you will see how I bring him to his knees BEGGING!! Find out what this bitch has to say for himself… maybe you will even learn something from him! Hahaha.

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The Thrill of Blackmail


The thrill of blackmail in the words of My blackmailed bitch boy john. Bitch boy john describes how I use his blackmail info to get what I want and the feelings associated behind this dangerous fetish “The thrill of knowing she has that power with just a click of a button, all for her amusement, is exhilarating…”

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Bitch John’s Blackmail List


I know that some of you are very curious about all the info I have on My blackmailed bitch boy john. Well here it is fuckers, a list of all the info I have on him! How far does My reach go and exactly what do I know about him? In this mail I go into detail to describe how I use certain info on the list to extract even more money from him too!

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Forced to be My Sissy Maid Pt. 1


Forced to be My Sissy Maid Pt. 1:

This story is told from a slave’s point of view. The slave shows up to My house expecting do be doing his usual cleaning duties while I relax with My legs kicked up, but this time I have a different plan on how I want My slave to serve Me. I have a bag full of girlie goodies that “he” has to put on and be scrutinized in!

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Forced to be My Sissy Maid Pt. 2


This is the conclusion to my “slave point of view” sissy maid story. The slave is scrutinized, ridiculed and abused as he makes his awkward transition into becoming My feminized house maid!

“His gaze drifted up to her, mesmerized by her glowing beauty. Suddenly the spell was broken as Princess raised her right arm, palm open and brutally slapped him across the left cheek of his face. His senses were shocked as the loud SMACK echoed throughout the room.

Princess Shimmy leaned close to him, her index finger pointed directly as his face, which was bright red on one side.

“Runs in your stocking will not be tolerated, bitch. Remember that…”

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Blackmailed & Forced to be GAY


Femdom Story:

So you thought contacting Me would lead to a little selfish and fun night for yourself. You thought that you could just get drunk and humiliate yourself on cam for Me. No harm done right? Nothing wrong with getting drunk for your Princess and dancing around in pink panties, after all there is no way Princess Shimmy would find out who I am, right?


Once I get your info, I blackmail you into leading a gay lifestyle and sucking real cock. There is no way out for you and you are stuck in My blackmail cocksucking web.

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Webcam Slave Humiliation Chat Transcript


Read the super degrading chat transcript between Myself and a slave during a webcam session that leaves him with a broken dick, burning asshole and blue balls! Ever been curious about how sadistic and evil I can be? Get this PTV to find out how I take My anger out on slaves dumb enough to perform on webcam for Me!

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Sissy Maid

Clean up Duties


A Femdom sissy maid story from a slave’s point of view.

“Princess steps into her kitchen, as I scoot on my knees though the doorway behind her and kneel near the sink, awaiting her instructions. Waving her right index finger in a sideways motion, Princess says, “Alright bitch, I want it spotless and shining from top to bottom and corner to corner. Miss a single spot, and you will answer to Me…”

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Cucky Hubby

$4.99 $2.99

Femdom Story: This is what your life would be like if you were Princess Shimmy’s cucky slave hubby! As an evil Femdom Bride, She will laugh at you when you cry and question your manhood in front of your friends. It would basically be publicly known that you are the bitch in the relationship. Not only would you be condemned to living your life as a clean up boy, you would be cuckolded too!

Quote: “Princess will also have a bell that She will use to summon you.  you will be expected to answer within 30 seconds of the ringing otherwise you will be punished.  Princess Shimmy does not like lazy bitches so you must be on your toes at all times. Punishments may consist of…”

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