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Forced to be My Sissy Maid Pt. 1


Forced to be My Sissy Maid Pt. 1:

This story is told from a slave’s point of view. The slave shows up to My house expecting do be doing his usual cleaning duties while I relax with My legs kicked up, but this time I have a different plan on how I want My slave to serve Me. I have a bag full of girlie goodies that “he” has to put on and be scrutinized in!

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Forced to be My Sissy Maid Pt. 2


This is the conclusion to my “slave point of view” sissy maid story. The slave is scrutinized, ridiculed and abused as he makes his awkward transition into becoming My feminized house maid!

“His gaze drifted up to her, mesmerized by her glowing beauty. Suddenly the spell was broken as Princess raised her right arm, palm open and brutally slapped him across the left cheek of his face. His senses were shocked as the loud SMACK echoed throughout the room.

Princess Shimmy leaned close to him, her index finger pointed directly as his face, which was bright red on one side.

“Runs in your stocking will not be tolerated, bitch. Remember that…”

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Chastity Training

Chastity HELL Week: Part 1


Welcome to My one week in HELL chastity assignment! Part 1 begins with “Maid Monday” and “Touchy Tuesday” where you will be feminized, made to do slave labour all while feeling desperate with your cock locked up!  Do you think you can handle one week of My intense, slave training and humiliation program? Well, I guess we shall find out soon enough!

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Sissy Maid

Clean up Duties


A Femdom sissy maid story from a slave’s point of view.

“Princess steps into her kitchen, as I scoot on my knees though the doorway behind her and kneel near the sink, awaiting her instructions. Waving her right index finger in a sideways motion, Princess says, “Alright bitch, I want it spotless and shining from top to bottom and corner to corner. Miss a single spot, and you will answer to Me…”

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