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Findom Chastity Spell

Pink Chastity Spell


I don’t care how manly you think you are. I don’t care how alpha you think you may be. Because, you’re going to lock yourself into PINK chastity for Princess Shimmy.

Pink puts you in your place. Pink reminds you of who you really are. Pink makes you feel oh so horny and submissive and there’s no going back from that.

My spell will open the veil and infiltrate your mind, implanting deep subconscious triggers for the colour PINK. Everyone knows pink is Princess’ favourite colour… and now it’s your favourite colour too.

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Gothic Domme

Dark Lace Corset Pics


6 pics of Princess Shimmy dressed in a dark, gothic looking lace corset with a PVC Thong and fishnets. Get on your knees and worship!!

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Findom Cosplay Stockings

Cosplay Stockings


6 pictures of Princess Shimmy wearing a shiny wet look tank top and sleek, shiny, Japanese cosplay stockings! Worship these stockings now slave, I know the liquid metal look makes you sooo weak!

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Spandex Tights Worship

Shiny Pink Spandex


I know your weakness for shiny, wet look, spandex tights. Once you lay your eyes on My pink tights, black lace push up bra and leopard print platform heels there will be no going back for you… you will be addicted to Me forever.

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Corset Fetish

PVC Corset & Panties Photoset


6 super sexy photos of Princess Shimmy in a PVC corset and “Playboy” print thong panties for you to worship! You will fall to your knees in awe when you see these pics – Guaranteed!

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Lingerie Worship

Red Satin Teddy Pics


6 pics of Princess Shimmy wearing a silky red lingerie. I look so seductive in this sexy little set. Bow down to Me and worship these pics!

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Big Tits

Tiny Sequin Top Photoset


10 Extreme POV boob worship pics! Come get totally mesmerized by My “barely there” sequin top! This top is so tiny, it will leave you completely speechless and unable to look away! Come worship now!

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Tit Worship

Holographic Bikini Top Pics


6 pics of Me wearing a tiny holographic bikini top that will have you completely mesmerized into submission.  If you have a shiny fetish you will love this top that accentuates all My best features hehe.  This photoset even has a few photos that show My spellbinding eyes that will put you deep under My control.

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Weak and Submissive

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Making you gaze deeply into My perfect cleavage as I seductively brainwash you into submission.  Remember this is not about you, it’s all about Me.  It’s about you learning what it will take to please and make Me happy.   I guide you through the deepest levels of mental domination making you so weak and submissive you will mindlessly obey Me for anything and everything…

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Better Than Sex


You don’t need sex anymore because you have Me now. Your greatest pleasure comes from the submission of giving in to Me. Reprogramming your orgasm to make worshiping and stroking for Me to feel better than SEX.

Anything for Princess


Seductively brainwashing you into submission. I use My addicting voice, looks and charm to break down all defenses and make you Mine. You cannot help but feel so weak now… You will do *ANYTHING* for Princess Shimmy.