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Estrogen Spell

Increase Estrogen Spell MP3


“Softer Lips
Bigger Tits
Curvy Hips
I bestow this upon you and more.
More softer. More feminine.
I increase your estrogen with this spell.”

This spell is designed to increase the amount of estrogen your body produces to make you softer and more feminine. In this guided occult femdom ritual I combine black magick with the laws of attraction to create a potent and highly effective visualization technique to bring your manifestation into reality.

Real latin chants and incantations are used to command your body to produce more estrogen. An unstoppable alchemical change is triggered in your body as your Higher Self is summoned kneeling before Me.

You will be transformed and feminized from the inside out with this powerful occult femdom ritual.  High Priestess Princess Shimmy is here to guide you on your new journey of hormonal feminization… and all you have to do My little puppet, is sit back, close your eyes and listen.

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Femdom Witchcraft

Human Property Pact

Rated 5.00 out of 5

It’s time for you to take your service towards Me to a whole new level.
I want you to renounce your religion and sign your life away to Me as My Human Property.  In this I include instructions for the ritual you will perform as you sign this 100% real Black Magick Pact.  Show Me how far you will go to make yourself Mine.  Make My ownership over you official as you physically and spiritually bind yourself to My Will in this official ceremony.

*Includes one cleavage worship picture!*

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Occult Femdom

Femdom Ouija Board

$19.99 $6.66

Surrender yourself to the Will of My dark spirit allies as they abuse you through My Femdom Ouija Board.
I’ve designed this board to act as a medium between Me, you and the spirit world to humiliate you and make you obey.

Print off the enclosed board and planchette from your computer.  You will use it just like a regular Ouija board except this is for the sinister purpose of turning you into a complete and total bitch for Me and the spirits. It contains 10 abusive commands along side the standard alphabet and numbers layout. When the spirit moves the planchette on one of three worded commands, you will obey- or else!

This is the kinda stuff that urban legends are made of and you will NOT find anything like this anywhere else.
Play at your own risk… if you dare!

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Occult Femdom

Reverse Baptism Ritual

$9.99 $6.66

Free yourself from the chains of religion and be reborn as a spiritual servitor of High Priestess Princess Shimmy.  This is a real ritual that was channeled to Me from spirits. I reveal this forbidden rite to you as it serves as a beginners initiation into My Black Coven.  You will denounce your own religion and re-baptise yourself into the darkness.   I teach you how to do a dark meditation and explain step by step how to perform this life changing ritual.  Follow Me into the abyss, My puppet.  Princess knows what is best for you.
*Includes 2 worship pics to inspire and guide you on your path to submission.*

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