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You willingly walked into My trap and I have you by the balls with My pretty long fingernails. I know all your secrets. I know all your fetishes. I know what makes you weak, horny and oh so submissive…

I’m ruthlessly using your weaknesses against you to mesmerize you and destroy the male ego.  And I’m replacing it to make you into a better slave to serve ME and MY desires.

Because Princess Shimmy comes first… and everything else is secondary.

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Tit Worship

Holographic Bikini Top Pics


6 pics of Me wearing a tiny holographic bikini top that will have you completely mesmerized into submission.  If you have a shiny fetish you will love this top that accentuates all My best features hehe.  This photoset even has a few photos that show My spellbinding eyes that will put you deep under My control.

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Tit Worship

Extreme Tit Tease Pics


4 absolutely mind blowing POV style breast worship pics in My tiny tube top. A *must have* for all Princess Shimmy tit worshipers!

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Black Magic

Black Magic Domination Spell

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Gaze into the candle as I cast My powerful femdom black magic spell over you.  I lead you into a dark, esoteric journey with a relaxing guided meditation and full body induction that will leave you open to My witchcraft. I invoke the powers of the four quarters & elements to bind you into complete submission before Me.

This is real occult domination that will cause permanent and irreversible effects to your dharma and life path. You will be brought to your knees by My dark spellcasting ritual and be left begging to submit to the Femdom High Priestess: Princess Shimmy.

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Findom Magic Control

Forever Mine


I am the Enchantress, the High Priestess and the Femdom Witch. And you are My spiritual slave.
Gaze into the spiral, relax and focus on My voice. You are enchanted by My mesmerizing cleavage and under My magic control.  There is NO getting away.
Forever owned in Darkness.
Forever MINE.

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Tit Worship

Beach Vacay Worship Pics


Findom Princess Shimmy’s beach vacay worship photo set.  You slaves are so lucky to have the opportunity to worship and adore Me as I enjoy the hot sun and turquoise blue ocean as you freeze and bust your ass off at work! Here’s 10 photos of Me in My itty bitty bikini top & black evening gown dress that will make you realize your role life as a lowly 9-5 work slave who exists to serve this spoiled Femdom Princess!

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Foot Worship

Beach Feet Foot Worship


Beach feet foot worship photoset.  Come worship My pink pedicured sandy toes in these pics taken from My beach vacay.  You are so lucky to have the opportunity to worship My Princess feet while I relax on vacation. Come bow down to My spoiled Princess feet now.

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