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Cum Eating Instructions

2 Week Humiliating Orgasm Cum Eating Challenge


I’m going to make you jerk off in the most humiliating ways possible for the next two weeks. Not only are you going to jerk it, you’re gonna eat it too! Get prepared to be totally transformed from a regular lose into a vile pig that can’t even look at himself in the mirror after it’s all said and done! You will masturbate the way I tell you to, to the things I tell you to! At the end of the two weeks you will feel like the biggest loser on the planet and will thank Me for it!

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Findom JOI

Stealthy Public Jack Off Missions


I list 5 public places where you must jack off AND bust your load within a week. You’ll be like the Jason Borne or James Bond of jacking off! You must stealthily complete all 5 jack off missions within 7 days or you will FAIL and be punished!

WARNING: Not only is this slave assignment incredibly humiliating, it’s also very risky and dangerous. Play at your own risk!

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7 Deadly Sins: 1 Week of SIN


7 Deadly sins… one week of sin. One week of pure Femdom debauchery where you will commit every sin imaginable in the name of freedom and liberation! Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath and more.
You will throw your human decency out the door and succumb to life’s forbidden pleasures. Can you handle it? Your life will never be the same again once you complete Princess Shimmy’s 1 week of sin assignment.

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Jerk off Instructions

2 Weeks of Degrading Orgasms


Here’s 2 full weeks of degrading jerk off instructions, orgasm tasks and cum eating instructions. If you do this full assignment you will be so humiliated and disgusted with yourself, you won’t even be able to look at yourself in the mirror! It will be like you’re totally caught into the abyss of hardcore jerk off humiliation, you won’t know how to get out! You’re MY bitch for the next 2 weeks, and you’re going to jerk it how I want, where I want… and to WHAT I want!

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Slave Humiliation

Homemade Pocket Pussy


Hey loser! It’s time to face the facts. Your loser dick is never going to please a real woman, so why would you ever need to see or feel a real pussy ever again?
You shouldn’t be wasting MY money on expensive sex toys, so I’m going to give you step by step instructions on how to make two different types of your very own pocket pussy!
OMG! You are soo lucky for this! Be prepared to meet your new “girlfriend!”

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Humiliating Jerk Off Rituals

Humiliating Jerk off Rituals

$12.99 $8.99

5 humiliating jerk off rituals for the lowest of the low and truly pathetic!  Subject yourself to My sadistic and ultra degrading masturbation rituals to further bitchify yourself to the point of no return!

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Obey The Perfect Tits JOI

Rated 5.00 out of 5

I command you to tune out everything in the world that doesn’t revolve around ME. I command you to focus on My perfect tits and obey My masturbation commands. You’re My stroke puppet, stroking for Me submissively. That’s My good boy. You must OBEY the perfect tits.
Will Princess let you cum? Do you even think you deserve to cum? Or will Princess make you suffer?