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Chastity Training

New Years Chastity Resolutions


Here are 15 New Years chastity resolutions that will help make you into a better slave. I want you to dedicate next year to being a better submissive and really learn the art of chastity for once and for all! No more fear, no more worries and excuses, just 365 days of chastity submission and learning to practice what you’ve always fantasized about! Don’t start the new year without these resolutions!

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Chastity Exposure

Chastity Exposure


In order to complete this assignment you will need your own chastity device and lock.  Seriously no woman would ever be with you if they knew that your pathetic little dick is locked up and that it is impossible for you to sexually please her!
You don’t deserve to have any relationships with women so you will make sure that I, Princess Shimmy, am the only woman in your sad little life.  Your chastity will be exposed!
Are you ready?

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Chastity Challenge

5 Day Chastity Challenge


Can you resist the temptation of not playing with your cock for 5 days?  Can your dick and balls handle 5 days of being locked up and blue balled? Some of you slaves have had such a hard time completing My 10 Day Chastity Challenge I’ve decided to make a modified version for weak slaves with no control.  Can you handle it bitches?

Comes with 5 worship pics to prolong your suffering!

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Caged Sissy Slut


Hey loser! You know you’re never going please anyone with that tiny, useless cock of yours, right? I think the best thing you could do for yourself at this point in life is lock yourself in chastity and learn to be a remorseless whore! I’m going to teach you how to take it like a champ… and in the end you will be decked out in full sissy gear, looking like a cheap slut and you will love every minute of it.
Only real men are allowed to get hard, so get your cage out and lock that useless thing up. Surrender to Princess!

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Chastity Tips

7 Chastity Tips for Locked Slaves


7 Chastity tips for locked slaves.  Tips to help alleviate your suffering and make your day to day life while locked in chastity a lot easier.  Do not attempt chastity until you read these tips first!

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