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Selfie Fetish

Lil Black Dress Pics


10 sexy pics of Princess Shimmy wearing a skin tight, cleavage bearing little black dress for you to worship & put on your shrine.  In these pics I enchant you with My mystical obsidian pendulum to make worship even deeper.  You’ll be teased by My ass, cleavage and My sexy pink high heels.

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Findom Magic Control

Forever Mine


I am the Enchantress, the High Priestess and the Femdom Witch. And you are My spiritual slave.
Gaze into the spiral, relax and focus on My voice. You are enchanted by My mesmerizing cleavage and under My magic control.  There is NO getting away.
Forever owned in Darkness.
Forever MINE.

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Illuminated Pink Lips


Gaze deeply and become mesmerized by My illuminated pink lips. So bright… so shiny, you cannot help but be drawn in, deeper and deeper into Princess Shimmy’s seductive, plump lips.

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Powerful Gothic Cleavage


Come gaze and worship My Gothic cleavage. Like a moth to a flame you are drawn to Me… drawn to My beauty… drawn to My power. You have tried to stay away but you always fall victim to My financial drain. I am *THE* Fetish Sorceress and you My pet, crave that powerful drain.