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Slave Quiz

Do You Have an Ugly Cock Quiz

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So bitch, I bet you’ve always wondered what a hot girl such as Myself would think about your cock.  Perhaps you’re worried you have an ugly penis and want someone like Me to verify that suspicion for you. You’re obviously too shy to ask a girl in real life and probably even more afraid to show it to one!

Luckily for you I have this handy quiz that will let you know precisely where you stand in terms of dick… to ick!! Just answer the series of questions in this quiz to find out if you have an ugly cock!

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Loser Quiz

Loser Personality Quiz


Have you ever wondered what kind of loser you are? Perhaps you can’t figure out if you’re just a submissive or if you’re truly a sissy faggot, cuckold or butt lover?
Well, it’s your lucky day! Take My 5 question loser multiple choice personality quiz and get your diagnosis, bitch!

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