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ASMR Fetish

Bedtime Whispers ASMR MP3


I take you on a submissive journey into blissful relaxation where I take over your subconscious mind to make you dream of Me night after night.  I use real autosuggestion & NLP techniques to induce lucid dreaming.  My enchanting whispers will guide you into a deep, deep sleep where you will be totally under My control and influence.  You will get so, so sleepy for Princess and have the best dreams of your life… I promise.

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Possession Fetish

Possessed Hand Hump JOI MP3


I summon a forcefield of dark energy into your hand that will have your hand completely possessed! You will be screaming out and moaning like a WHORE as you mercilessly fist fuck yourself for Me.  You will become a literal jack off hand puppet, for Princess Shimmy – the Domination Demoness of femdom sex magick.

You will get taken over and your body will become an empty shell and vessel for My jerk off commands.  I start off with a relaxing guided meditation that covertly grips your mind into submission and leaves you open to My dark spiritual influence.  And then I use real femdom witchcraft & black magic techniques to hijack your mind and body, bringing the hand that you jerk off with into FULL POSSESSION.

You never thought it was possible to have a possession fetish, now did you My puppet? Well, get ready to experience a transcendental jack off experience of a fucking lifetime brought to you by your spiritual mentor High Priestess Princess Shimmy.

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Femdom Witch

Manifesto of the Femdom Witch MP3


I am the Femdom Witch & High Priestess of Slaves. The Domination Demoness. The dark sadistic Sorceress of Sex Magick & Black Witchcraft.
I use My wickedly powerful sorcery, spells, curses and enchantments to addict you. To dominate you. To bind you into eternal slavery and submission.
There is no getting away from this.
There is NO WAY OUT.
This is the ultimate control.
This is real Femdom Witchcraft. This is the manifesto of a REAL Femdom Witch and this is My confession.  These are My motives for your spiritual domination. This is why I do it all.

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Findom Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll Binding Spell MP3


I summon the powers of Darkness to help bind you into submission before Me, making you completely and totally OWNED. My sultry voice and voodoo doll binding spell is far too dangerous and arousing for you to resist and you will hand over all control without hesitation

I start off with a full body relaxation meditation that puts you into a full blown gnostic trance. You are powerless before Me as I stick your femdom voodoo doll with My infernal pin of domination to drive My Will further into your mind, body and soul. My expert knowledge in black magic and witchcraft will ensure you never leave again…

Beware! This is permanent and real femdom spellcasting by the wicked Sorceress & High Priestess of slaves: Princess Shimmy. I’ve also loaded this video clip with subconscious messages. This is not a game.

*Warning! This is a 100% real black magic spell that cannot be reversed! Purchase at your own risk!*

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Black Magic

Black Magic Domination Spell

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Gaze into the candle as I cast My powerful femdom black magic spell over you.  I lead you into a dark, esoteric journey with a relaxing guided meditation and full body induction that will leave you open to My witchcraft. I invoke the powers of the four quarters & elements to bind you into complete submission before Me.

This is real occult domination that will cause permanent and irreversible effects to your dharma and life path. You will be brought to your knees by My dark spellcasting ritual and be left begging to submit to the Femdom High Priestess: Princess Shimmy.

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