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Destroy your Life!


Alright bitch face. It’s time for you to get your fucking life destroyed by a young, hot and ruthless Princess! You are going to follow the series of cruel and humiliating instructions I have laid out for you in this assignment and once you are done, I guarantee you will lose your reputation, friends, job and maybe even your entire family!

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Blackmail Slave Begs


Emails straight from my inbox from My blackmail slave, bitch boy john. Read about what it’s like to be blackmailed by Me, Princess Shimmy and how I do it! In the end, you will see how I bring him to his knees BEGGING!! Find out what this bitch has to say for himself… maybe you will even learn something from him! Hahaha.

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What Blackmail Feels Like


Ever wondered what it feels like to be blackmailed by Princess Shimmy? Meet My blackmail bitch john, one of My lucky blackmail slaves as he explains how I got his info, the extent of My control and what it feels like to be blackmailed by yours truly.

He even goes into detail to describe how LOW he has stooped to satisfy My endless GREED. Don’t you wish you were him, idiot? Hahahaha…

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The Thrill of Blackmail


The thrill of blackmail in the words of My blackmailed bitch boy john. Bitch boy john describes how I use his blackmail info to get what I want and the feelings associated behind this dangerous fetish “The thrill of knowing she has that power with just a click of a button, all for her amusement, is exhilarating…”

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Bitch John’s Blackmail List


I know that some of you are very curious about all the info I have on My blackmailed bitch boy john. Well here it is fuckers, a list of all the info I have on him! How far does My reach go and exactly what do I know about him? In this mail I go into detail to describe how I use certain info on the list to extract even more money from him too!

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Blackmailed & Forced to be GAY


Femdom Story:

So you thought contacting Me would lead to a little selfish and fun night for yourself. You thought that you could just get drunk and humiliate yourself on cam for Me. No harm done right? Nothing wrong with getting drunk for your Princess and dancing around in pink panties, after all there is no way Princess Shimmy would find out who I am, right?


Once I get your info, I blackmail you into leading a gay lifestyle and sucking real cock. There is no way out for you and you are stuck in My blackmail cocksucking web.

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Your Life is OVER!


Your Life is Over!!

Life Destruction Assignment: Follow My series of cruel and diabolical instructions to put an end to your life as you know it! This assignment includes 5 steps for you to do daily that will lead to the destruction of your relationships and reputation. Are you ready to be outed as a perverted loser and have everyone close to you LAUGHING behind your back? Proceed with caution, bitch boy!

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Possession Fetish

Possessed Hand Hump JOI MP3


I summon a forcefield of dark energy into your hand that will have your hand completely possessed! You will be screaming out and moaning like a WHORE as you mercilessly fist fuck yourself for Me.  You will become a literal jack off hand puppet, for Princess Shimmy – the Domination Demoness of femdom sex magick.

You will get taken over and your body will become an empty shell and vessel for My jerk off commands.  I start off with a relaxing guided meditation that covertly grips your mind into submission and leaves you open to My dark spiritual influence.  And then I use real femdom witchcraft & black magic techniques to hijack your mind and body, bringing the hand that you jerk off with into FULL POSSESSION.

You never thought it was possible to have a possession fetish, now did you My puppet? Well, get ready to experience a transcendental jack off experience of a fucking lifetime brought to you by your spiritual mentor High Priestess Princess Shimmy.

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Exposure Play

20 Ways to Fuck Your Life Up


I’ve listed 20 of the most diabolical, evil and depraved tasks I could think of for you to perform for Me. You’ll be shocked at how cruel some of these tasks are and how far they push your limits. These 20 really, really bad ideas have the potential to totally fuck your life up if you complete them.

Your life will be turned around forever and there will be no going back once you complete these Femdom humiliation tasks. This will really help anchor your spot on the bottom of the social food chain. You’ll want to face palm every time you get a hard on. Proceed with caution!

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Femdom Witch

Sell Your Soul to Princess Pact


Are you ready to make the ULTIMATE sacrifice for Princess Shimmy?
I’m taking you deeper into the darkness than you ever imagined.  Follow the ritual instructions and sign the enclosed Black Magick pact to cement your fate as Mine, for the rest of eternity! Once your soul belongs to Me, I’m free to do with it whatever I please, so just know there is absolutely no going back from this once it’s done! This is NOT a game boys, make sure you’re very serious about relinquishing control over your most precious possession… your immortal SOUL!

Contains 2 Worship Pics, Ritual Instructions AND the Pact which you will print out!

WARNING! This is a real Black Magick ritual which will cause the permanent loss of your soul.  This pact cannot be broken under any circumstances.

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Chastity Exposure

Chastity Exposure


In order to complete this assignment you will need your own chastity device and lock.  Seriously no woman would ever be with you if they knew that your pathetic little dick is locked up and that it is impossible for you to sexually please her!
You don’t deserve to have any relationships with women so you will make sure that I, Princess Shimmy, am the only woman in your sad little life.  Your chastity will be exposed!
Are you ready?

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Slave Exposure

I Double Dare You Roulette


Let’s play a game My little puppets… a very dangerous one. Let’s do a little humiliation and mix it up with some exposure roulette, shall we? This contains a series of dares that if you perform can leave your reputation totally annihilated or maybe you will be lucky and get away with it! So let’s play bitch, I double dare you!

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Gloryhole Mission

Gloryhole Mission

$11.99 $9.99

A Gloryhole is a fist-sized hole large enough to fit a penis through that is usually found in places like private video booths at the adult bookstores. It allows the individual on the opposite side to perform sexual acts while maintaining anonymity for both parties.  Sounds like fun huh?  *Evil laughs*
Today you are going on a “Gloryhole Mission” and I will show you how to find one while assigning you tasks to collect additional bitch points on this mission.
Ready… Set… Go Homo!!

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Demoness Findom

The Possession MP3


The Possession is absolutely SPINE CHILLING!! In this MP3 I use Black Magick Witchcraft tactics to enslave you through DEMONIC possession. The demonic voices and sound effects make it feel like there is a demon approaching you from behind, growling in your ear while I tauntingly laugh and feed off your fear.
This isn’t just mental control… this is the total enslavement of your very being. You will be possessed and taken control of. Listen to this MP3 after midnight in the dark with headphones on to feel the very real effects of demonic possession.

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