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Daily Brainwashing Mantras


Princess demands total devotion from all Her slaves! When you wake up in the morning, the first thought you should think about is ME and the gratitude you have for My existence. So guess what? I’m going to make this easy for you: Here is a list of 29 short prayer-like mantras that are you going to chant over and over again every day for an entire month.

You will go about your day repeating one of the daily mantras silently and sometimes even out loud as you complete your mundane daily tasks. The long term effect of this is you becoming totally brainwashed into complete submission!

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Humiliating Jerk Off Rituals

Humiliating Jerk off Rituals

$12.99 $8.99

5 humiliating jerk off rituals for the lowest of the low and truly pathetic!  Subject yourself to My sadistic and ultra degrading masturbation rituals to further bitchify yourself to the point of no return!

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Goddess Worship

Pray to Princess Shimmy

Rated 5.00 out of 5

As a Princess Shimmy follower and worshiper you will kneel before My pics in solemn prayer every single night. This mail includes a printable poster style image that you can print off and stick to your wall to help you not only remember the words of the prayer but also gaze at My beauty at the same time.

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Gay Training

Teaching you to be GAY


So loser, I know you want Me to teach you how to be a full blown gay sissy bitch. Follow these crucial lifestyle changes and daily rituals and you are sure to transform from a “man” into a slutty, submissive homosexual!  These changes and rituals will help reprogram your thinking by introducing really queer habits into your daily routine!! Be My fag… it is your ultimate destiny.  You were born to be gay so now it’s time to act it out!

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Daily Slave Rituals

Daily Bitch Mantra


This is going to be your daily bitch mantra! Every morning when you get out of bed, the first thing you will do is repeat this sentence 10 times in a row before you start your day. But of course, you need to purchase this to find out what it is!

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