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Boob Worship

Boob Worship Instructions Part 4

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Are you a slave for My tits? Prove it by obeying My worship instructions by staring into My enchanted pendulum as I hold it up to My cleavage, showing you where to focus your gaze!  You will be so mesmerized by the sight of My Goddess breasts you will be begging to give Me more and more and more! Includes 5 mind blowing tit worship pics and jerk off instructions for each pic.

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I am the Trigger


I am the trigger. I am the cause. I am the catalyst of your financial submission. When you see Me you are automatically compelled to worship and pay… and pay… and pay some more. There is no escaping Me because I am deep in your mind now and when you see Me your submission is TRIGGERED.

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