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Chastity Mantras

Chastity Slave Mantras


Here’s 1 full month of chastity mantras to help with long term chastity slave training. Repeating these mantras daily will help reprogram you to be more submissive and less focused on your selfish dick.

Incorporating these mantras into your daily life will help put you in alignment with submission by using a combination of NLP and My special brand of Femdom Laws of Attraction. These chastity mantras are very powerful and will change your perspective of reality by raising your vibration.

In this pay to view I give you precise instructions on how to use these mantras for maximum effect.

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Chastity Slave

10 Chastity Slave Rules


As a strict chastity keyholder I have high expectations for the behaviour of My slaves. In this pay to view I outline 10 chastity slave rules I expect all My submissives to abide by. Following My chastity rules will not only help you become a better chastity slave, it will make you into an overall better person. For serving Princess Shimmy brings you onto the path of enlightenment.

You will be molded and crafted under My divine guidance and will find illumination from your submission. You will become more in alignment with your higher self and true purpose in life as you sacrifice your sacred sexuality to Princess.

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Femdom Spells

Permanent Chastity Spell

Rated 5.00 out of 5

I am the Femdom Witch and I command the powers of darkness to possess your cock and possess your mind.  You can kiss your sex life goodbye because you will never have sex or stroke again.  I drain your cock of all of it’s lifeforce energy and put you under My Permanent Chastity Spell.  Day by day the spell gets stronger… day by day your cock gets weaker.


*Warning! This video clip contains a 100% real Black Magick spell that gets stronger and more powerful every time the clip is watched. This can cause permanent effects that CANNOT be reversed!*

*Listen to this with headphones on to experience the Binaural Mindfuck effects*

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Chastity Slave Application

Chastity Slave Application


So you’re thinking about taking the plunge and serving Me as My locked chastity slave.  Before you begin the process of becoming My bitch, all slaves are required to fill out this slave application.  I’ll be diving deep into your inner most thoughts to figure out what makes you tick.  You will reveal to Me all that I need know in order to gauge your worthiness of serving as My chastity slave!

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Chastity Femdom

How Long Should You Be Locked? Quiz


Have you ever looked down at your cock and wondered what to do with it?
Are you a thinking about becoming a chastity slave for Me but don’t know where to begin? Maybe you’re a compulsive masturbator and need some serious self discipline.
Luckily for you Princess is infinitely smarter than you and has the perfect solution!
Take this quiz and answer the series of 9 questions and I will give you My expert opinion on how long you should lock your cock for Me in chastity!

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Chastity QUIZ

Do You Need Chastity Quiz


Are you having a hard time figuring out if you need your cock or not?  Can’t figure out if you need chastity or should try living life as a real man? Let Me tell you how useful your dick is and if you need it or not!

In this I’ve laid out a series of questions for you to answer and I will give you the cold, hard truth you need to hear about the situation in your pants.   Should you go on living life as a regular man or should you lock yourself up and throw away the key, forever!? Find out now!

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Chastity Challenge

10 Day Chastity Challenge


Princess Shimmy’s 10 Day Chastity Challenge.  In order to complete this assignment you will need your own chastity device and lock.  This assignment also includes 10 pictures for each day of worship and suffering.

Do you think you can suffer over your cock to Princess Shimmy?? Let’s find out.

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