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Extreme CBT Torture


It’s time for you bitches to subject yourself to some extreme CBT Torture for My profit and amusement! This PTV contains 5 extreme pain CBT instructions to wreck absolute HAVOC on your cock and balls! You will be crying in pain and thanking Me for every minute of My ball breaking, gut wrenching, ultra-humiliating CBT tasks! Do you have the “balls” to complete all of it? Hahaha…

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Webcam Slave Humiliation Chat Transcript


Read the super degrading chat transcript between Myself and a slave during a webcam session that leaves him with a broken dick, burning asshole and blue balls! Ever been curious about how sadistic and evil I can be? Get this PTV to find out how I take My anger out on slaves dumb enough to perform on webcam for Me!

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Small Penis Humiliation Quiz

Small Penis Humiliation Quiz


Are you feeling insecure about your “junk?” Ever wonder how you measure up against other males? We all know you can measure your dick to find out if it is big or small, but what you may not know is that there are other determining factors that can dictate whether you are packing or lacking!  Let’s go beyond actual penis size and I’ll tell you exactly how you measure up!

Just know that when you find out the truth, there will be a punishment suited for your situation, tailored just for you and your dick!

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Self Hating Cock


I command you to look in the mirror as I humiliate you about your disgusting “cock.”  You are given jerk off instructions while being reminded about what an inferior, sub human, piece of trash you are! But oh no… it doesn’t end there! You are made to show your hatred towards your cock and prove to Me that you hate it even more than I do!

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Chastity Findom

Chastity Hell Week Part 3


This is the final installment of your week in chastity hell!  You already got this far… so you might as well go completely over the edge!  You will be taking part in “Fellatio Friday,” “Sadist Saturday” and “Sacrifice Sunday.”  Don’t even think for a second that this will be easy, because it won’t! You will be made to brush up on your BJ skills, go through torturous CBT and completely edge your cock in the very end. Will you be allowed release?  Will you ever be allowed to cum again?  Let’s find out now!

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Chastity CBT

Chastity HELL Week: Part 2


This is part two of your week in chastity HELL!  And I’m your host… Princess Shimmy! You will be taking part in “Waxing Wednesday” and “CBT Thursday” where you will be subjected to increasing amounts of pain and suffering! It will be so bad I bet you will *wish* that you’ve never started this assignment in the first place but you can’t stop otherwise you will be punished even more! You will get to see how cruel I really am…

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Cock Destruction Spell MP3


Listen to the sound of My voice as I guide you through My cock destruction spell. All you have to do is sit back and listen closely as you absorb My powerful words. Slowly but surely your cock will shrink, day by day, week by week, until it is rendered totally useless. There is little to no sensation in it anymore and your cock remains lifeless and limp. There is no getting away from it because each and every time you listen to this MP3, the spell is strengthened.

*Warning! This MP3 contains a 100% REAL Black Magick Spell that cannot be reversed!*

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Pain for Pleasure

Rated 5.00 out of 5

CBT and Jerk off Instructions: How far would you go to stroke to My pics? Would you destroy your cock and balls for the chance to be able to worship My amazing body? Well, that is exactly what you are going to have to do if you will be allowed to stroke to the 3 sexy Princess Shimmy ass and tit worship pics included in this mail.


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