Voodoo Doll Shrinking Spell 2


In this femdom spell I use a combination of black magic, sigil magic and trigger words to create a potent link between you and My tiny voodoo doll. I guide you through a relaxing meditation to shrink your body, making you weak and helpless under My magic control.

I introduce you to My custom made shrinking sigil, which is a powerful magical tool that will increase the effects of this spell, ten fold.

A sigil is a type of symbol used in magick that acts as a symbolic representation of the desired outcome. And for you, My little puppet, will be to amplify the feeling of shrinking and getting smaller. When combined with the trigger word SHRINK, my magick will be unstoppable.

I flash the sigil as you worship My big, perfect, findom Princess tits. You will be mesmerized, controlled and completely under My spell as you shrink… shrink… and shrink.

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Clip Length: 12 minutes

Format: MP4

Clip Features:  Shrinking Fetish, Voodoo Femdom, Binaural Audio, Guided Meditation, Spellcasting & Tit Worship.