Stare at His Crotch MP3


I’m implanting an irreversible humiliation trigger deep into your mind so that every time you see a man, you will glance down at his crotch.  You will become a compulsive crotch-starer and everyone will know what a deranged pervert you are.

But you can’t help it. You can’t fucking control yourself. It’s an impulse and compulsion that you submit to each and every time you look at another man. You won’t be able to stop no matter how embarrassing it is.  I’ve modified your behaviour and implanted the crotch stare trigger too deep into your mind.

This is the ultimate self-sabotage; the most humiliating thing you can do.  You will be outcasted and socially ostracized for being a crotch staring pervert and will love every minute of it.

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Format: Audio MP3

Length: 11:20

MP3 Features: Humiliating Post Hypnotic Triggers, Gay Reprogramming, Heavy NLP, Cock Worship, Mind Control.


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