Lilith Invocation Possession MP3


In this trance I bring you into full alignment with My Will by opening your mind, body and soul to possession by the Queen of the Darkness herself, Lilith.  I use an in depth guided meditation to turn your body into a vessel for Me.  I summon forth Lilith by whispering her demonic enn as you repeat mantras and statements of intent that empower the invocation. You will feel the energy of Goddess Lilith enter you and the effects of the invocation will get stronger each time you listen.  Lilith will use her dark magick to impress upon you the insatiable desire to worship and serve Me.  And in the end, you will be turned into a subservient slave and puppet to High Priestess Princess Shimmy.

MP3 Features:  Femdom Witchcraft, Guided Meditation, Relaxation, Spirit Invocation, Demoness Fetish.

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Format: Audio MP3

Length: 21 minutes


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