Black Magick Domination Spell MP3


Gaze into the candle as I cast My powerful femdom black magick spell over you. I lead you into a dark, esoteric journey with a relaxing guided meditation and full body induction that will leave you open to My witchcraft. I invoke the powers of the four quarters & elements to bind you into complete submission before Me. This is real occult domination that will cause permanent and irreversible effects to your dharma and life path. You will be brought to your knees by My dark spellcasting ritual and be left begging to submit to the Femdom High Priestess: Princess Shimmy.

*WARNING! This MP3 contains a 100% real black magick spell! Purchase at your own risk!*

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MP3 Features: Femdom Spellcasting, Binaural Audio, Guided Meditation, Whispering, Erotic ASMR & Good Boy Triggers.

MP3 Length: 6:17